Homemade Baby Shower Centerpieces For Your Next Baby Shower

Whether you are making homemade baby showers centerpiece for the food table or the gift table, you can easily come up and create you own masterpiece. Creativity goes a long way and saves a lot of money! When you begin brainstorming centerpiece ideas, revert back to your overall theme. If the mommy-to-be is having a boy and you have a shower that focuses on all the different sports, then maybe you could have a toy wagon or Tonka truck full of toddler sport equipment. If it is a beautiful baby girl that is expected them you could Care Bears in Diapers as their pastel colors would be perfect.

For the food table, your centerpiece should be your cake, or a diaper cake. A diaper cake is a non-edible creative «cake» made of diapers with baby shower gifts attached to it. You can place it in a cake dish if you would like for an added effect. The diaper cake would look just as great on the gift table and can serve as both a gift and a centerpiece. You could also place miniature pacifiers, bottles, or carriages, (found at your local Dollar Tree), around the food table. Another cute idea for the food table include a basket lined with a clean baby receiving blanket and filled with cookies. For the final touch to the «cookie basket» add a bottle filled with pastel colored m&m’s! If your theme involves rubber ducks, why not add a baby bathtub filled with punch to your food table with floating rubber ducks.

For the centerpiece of the guest’s tables, you could use:

  • Candles shaped like baby bottles
  • Remove the nipple from baby bottles and use the base as a vase; insert fresh or artificial flowers
  • Remove the nipple from the baby bottle and insert candy
  • Styrofoam Baby Bootie Cups – these are adorable baby booties made from styrofoam cups that you can insert mints, jelly beans, etc. in.
  • Alphabet Blocks

The gift table could easily go without a centerpiece for an inexpensive baby shower as it is likely to be bright and colorful with all the wrapped gifts. As stated earlier, the diaper cake would be perfect. Other great ideas include:

  • Diaper wreath – this could also be hung on the delivery room door
  • Balloons – by themselves or attached to a diaper stuffed animal or floral arrangement
  • Floral arrangement

Making your own centerpiece is easier than you think and you will wow your guests and yourself with these great ideas.

Source by Maleshia Cave

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