Discover the Secret of Each and Every Day

I do believe that each and every day has its secret, if not its secrets.

Even during those times when we feel like nothing is going on in our life, no consecutive days are the same. None, and that is so amazing to me. Of course, when we are busy, we fail to discover the secret and the subtle richness of every day. Our never ending rush dims their brightness. Think of it as gold sitting on a pile of dirt during a gray day. The gold is there, precious and valuable, but it does not shine because the sun rays are hindered behind the thick clouds. As a result we see no gold, completely miss it. We only see a pile of dirt, because it dominates the ensemble. We need the sun rays to guide our dull attention.

We have to much to worry, to take care of and we miss the valuable, the precious. Our sunshine could be a slower pace. It only takes for us to slow down and think, to realize the value of our life and its surrounding, to realize how amazing everything is created and structured. I mean by that: the complexity of the brain, its functions, the role it plays in our everyday life, the normal and routine that we so unthinkably take for granted, the string of events that bring us to this place at this time, the way people interact with each other, the way people think of each other, the way the sun from such a huge distance warms us up, the we landed on Earth but not on Mars, the way the seasons alternate indefinitely, the way two strangers become lovers and the closest human beings on earth for ever, the way a tiny baby becomes a learned in the course of a lifetime, the way people survive horrible journeys, the way a genuine smile illuminates our entire face, and lights up our eyes, the way we understand and solve so many mysteries and yet the unknown exceeds the understood, the way the more we know the more we understand the vastness of the unknown. It amazes me the most when a hard core scientist, feeling so helpless when confronted with the Infinity, finally believes in a Superior Being, the Creator, in God…

Everyone thinks of something at a given time, how would you manage that if you were to program all those thoughts to happen, yet it happens so naturally.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen on earth if humans did not alter its balance, in any way. Is that even thinkable? Humans are created to have a free mind, sometimes creative and curious, sometimes stubborn and confined…

We do need to open our mind, to open our heart, to open our eyes. We need to step out of the mazes of our busy life, and realize what is important, what is essential, what is urgent and what needs to be done. We need to choose the way we live our life. Otherwise, sooner or later, we will think of our life as a waste. Who would want that?

Source by Sara Mahen

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